The Feeding Couch antenatal online class.

Are you looking to rock your breastfeeding experience?

Already feeling overwhelmed by all the information coming at you?

Not sure where to start... or who to trust?

Looking for more depth than a 2 hour general class can give you?

Already checked out my credentials through the podcast and think I might be the person to calm the nerves and give you sound information with no judgement?

Been giving anyone who asks the " I'm going to give breastfeeding a try..." answer, as you are feeling unsure?

You've heard many horror stories and you don't know if you even want to breastfeed?

You had a past difficult breastfeeding experience and really want to try again for this next baby but are scared and have no idea what went wrong last time?

My new course is (being) designed to help you understand and work through all of this!

Have everything you need to get off to a good start and beyond with breastfeeding and creating a good milk supply.

Become a breastfeeding geek with me as I help you navigate through the overwhelm.

Feel confident, prepared and excited to start breastfeeding or providing your milk for your baby.

Learn in a way which nurtures, which is fun and which is based in the most up to date evidence.

Have access to a course which is created in easy to follow segments, perfect for dipping in and out, or binge watching! But, which are also perfectly understandable after you've had your baby, even with a very, very tired brain!

Sign up today to hear when this drops... and of course for discounts, musings and more.

Can't wait for the course and want a prep consult or debrief from your last experience breastfeeding?

Read on for more.


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My aim as a midwife and lactation consultant is to provide a safe and nurturing environment which offers  support, information, kindness, reassurance in your own abilities, and above all leaves you feeling more confident in how you choose to feed your baby/ies. 

Lactation debrief appointments:

Prenatal debrief and planning consultation
(up to 90 mins)

Consult in my clinic room in Lucerne, Switzerland or online.

A chance to discuss previous experiences and make a feeding plan for the arrival of your new baby.

We will discuss what happened in your other pregnancy, birth and feeding experience/s and try to find the possible reasons to why certain outcomes occurred. You will leave with a plan, which we will make together to help you in the first few days and weeks on your next feeding journey.

Clinic room visit: 210CHF

Online appointment: 160CHF (Swiss Francs)

*(All email follow-up charged at standard Swiss rate of 20CHF per 10 min)

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