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The Feeding Couch

One year full access

What you'll get:

  • 15 modules filled with easy to absorb bite-sized films (between 2-8 mins each)

  •   Breastfeeding Toolbox - The complete guide

     The latest up-to-date research to support you to feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding your baby, preventing sore nipples before it happens.

  •   Breastfeeding Challenges Toolbox

     A toolbox filed with the solutions to the most common breastfeeding difficulties encountered in the early days and weeks.

  •   'Quick look' problem solving infographic cards - designed for those moments when you need to know "how to fix this" ASAP!

    1. 7 steps for sleepy babies
    2. How do I know my baby is getting enough?
    3. How to know my baby is having a good feed?
    4. Sore nipple basics
    5. Helping babies who are stressed around the breast
    6. Co-bathing with baby to get breastfeeding back on track
    7. Feeding cues- early to late
    8. Nipple shields – pros/cons, how to use and how to discard.
    9. Treating blockages and Inflammation of the breast
    10. The formula milk top-up trap


  • Check list for breastfeeding / expressing / nappy output / any top-up feeds

  •   Storage of expressed breast milk guide

  •   1 year full access

100% Money back guarantee - Feel that the course is not for you after 7 days? Then no questions 100% money back available.

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What People Are Saying:

Katie, I have successfully breastfed for 20 weeks now, 5 of them whilst working and expressing so my husband can feed (Anna) whilst I'm at work. I'm back off work again now and we are loving the access all hours boobage. I swear my success is due to our positive birth and all your info about breastfeeding. I wasn't sure I would breastfeed when I first found out I was pregnant. So many times family, friends, others in my NCT group, have said about supplementing with formula, I even doubted myself many times...mad how ingrained this belief of not making enough is! Thankfully, my husband channelled Katie James many a time, telling me it is normal, my body makes what is needed, etc etc etc.