15.99 CHF

'Stick-em-up' problem solving infographics

Designed to help you serve your clients with ease.

Inc. the rights to re-use: print / send via email and leave with clients

What you'll get:

  1. 7 steps for sleepy babies
  2. The formula milk top-up trap
  3. Co-bathing with baby to get breastfeeding back on track
  4. Helping babies who are stressed around the breast
  5. My baby is not feeding - what can I do?
  6. Feeding cues- early to late
  7. How do I know my baby is getting enough?
  8. How to know my baby is having a good feed?
  9. Sore nipple basics
  10. Nipple shields – pros/cons, how to use and how to discard.
  11. Treating blockages and Inflammation of the breast – written version
  12. Treating blockages and Inflammation of the breast - image version
  13. Feeding, expressing, output and top-up tracking log
  14. Storage of expressed breast milk

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