Katie James

I believe that learning should be fun, nurturing, and instil passion!  

Lactation and breastfeeding education should make sense, be easy to follow, and get your imagination and knowledge centres flowing.

I've been a midwife for over 20 years and an IBCLC lactation consultant for over 16 years and I love to see others embrace this topic and feel more confident. 


Want to feel more confident supporting women with breastfeeding and lactation? 

Looking to find out all there is about lactation in an easy and fun way?

Not sure if you want to start studying to become an IBCLC?

Pregnant and looking for a course that doesn't just cover the basics, but sets you up for the journey ahead?

Want to feel nurtured throughout your learning?

Looking for evidenced-based answers to help with breastfeeding challenges but without the hard work of siphoning through hundreds of research papers?



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