I've been a qualified midwife for more than 20 years and an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) for more than 16 years.
Where have I worked?
Public health: I’ve worked in settings from birth suite in the hospital to homebirth, traditional community midwifery, postnatal drop-in centres, lactation and feeding clinics, specialist breastfeeding clinics, under 19s pregnancy and postnatal support, led a specialised midwifery team for pregnant women dealing with alcohol, drug or severe mental health challenges, taught many antenatal classes and supported lactation within the NICU & PICU (neonatal/paediatric intensive care unit).
University: I've taught midwifery and neonatal nurse students on diverse lactation and breastfeeding topics. I worked as a part-time research assistant on an interesting lactation trial. And I was a tutor for first year nursing students.
Privately: Lactation consultations in London, Australia, and globally online.


I developed a passion for education from the beginning of my career when I started teaching the antenatal preparation classes. I realised that information which was delivered in a relaxed, fun and relatable way could make an incredible impact.

After I moved to Australia in 2006 I started on my journey of providing education to the midwives, neonatal staff, students and doctors. This is what really piqued my interest!

By providing up-to-date and clinically relevant education to my lovely colleagues meant that this knowledge was now being spread far and wide.

My main focus is now in the areas of lactation and breastfeeding, with a specialist interest in the NICU, and with complex lactation challenges. However, to be able to understand the more complex lactation situations it is important to build foundations of knowledge in lactation physiology of the breast, mother and baby, as only then can we think deeper about how to solve complex challenges.

I love being able to inspire and instil passion in people who want to learn about this topic. It completely fires me up to provide this education and that’s why I’m here on this platform today. I hope you join me.


I am never happier than when I have my hands in a patch of mud, whether that be clay to make sculptures, or in the forest finding mushrooms and touching the moss! I also love a good sing-a-long, especially in the kitchen whilst cooking. You'll often find me rocking out to an 80s or 90s belter! 



My qualifications

BSc (hons) Midwifery -2001

MMid (Master of Midwifery) -2012

IBCLC International Board certified lactation consultant -2006

Cert IV training and assessment -2017

CIMI -certified infant massage instructor -2008

Foundations of university learning -2009


Two Case Studies Illustrating a Shared Decision-Making Approach to Illicit Methamphetamine Use and Breastfeeding

Where have I worked?

I’ve worked in the UK, Europe and Australia, as well as on lactation NICU projects in Bangladesh and Japan, as well as globally online.


I have been extremely lucky and worked with some amazing people in their field of expertise who have shared their knowledge, supported my learning, and gave me the confidence to grow and teach others. I am, and always will be very grateful for their inspiration and guidance.  

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