Go beyond just textbooks and theory and come with me as we learn about the essentials in lactation and breastfeeding to give you a fundamental knowledge and understanding.

This course is for you if you:

  • support birth and the postpartum
  • teach about birth and the postpartum
  • counsel breastfeeding clients and want a deeper knowledge than the traditional breastfeeding courses may have taught
  • starting your journey to become an IBCLC (you can claim 7 CERPS towards certification)



What to expect: 

This course offers essential evidence-based information about how physiological breastfeeding and lactation gets off to a good start for future successful breastfeeding.

This course has been designed to 'fill in the gaps' which are (still) often not being taught in traditional lactation programs. The course will guide your through with reflective learning, filmed lessons, tasks, quizzes and scenarios which enable a deep development and understanding of human lactation. 

The course offers participants access to a monthly live meet up where scenarios or real cases can be discussed. 

Completion of the course materials will take you approximately 7 hours. Progression is self-paced.

You will complete 13 lessons across the 5 modules of the course.

"Love the course, it's one of many I have done, but so far the best, I have to say! I have taken so much more in. I love the way you explain things; easy and simple and that's what new mums want to hear. I love your work. Thanks." - Jo Rae
"I have just completed your online Breastfeeding and Lactation: the fundamentals course and found it incredible.
Thank you so much!
I have only positive things to say about your fabulous presenting and the outstanding content. 
Loved the reflection activities.
I am so grateful for your wisdom." -Justine
"Fabulous content! Thank you so much Katie.
I am a final year student midwife and I completed my infant feeding exam yesterday and felt that the modules really enhanced my knowledge surrounding lactation and supporting breastfeeding.
It has been invaluable to me.
Thanks again" - Fiona
"I really enjoyed this course. It was full of useful information, delivered in an easy to understand format.
I now feel more confident to talk about feeding with my clients and to help support them in implementing any feeding plans they are given.
I really liked how each module was split into sections, and the quizzes at the end of each one helped to consolidate my knowledge." -Lauren
"Thank you Katie. I have really enjoyed this course and the Teams session we did with you. I have enjoyed it so much that it ate well into my PJ time! That is the highest compliment. :-) I learned a lot, I reflected (and continue to) on my own practice and how to use this learning to enhance approaches in my care. I was so good listening to the amazing science behind breastfeeding but also so important to have the woman (and baby) at the absolute centre. Every health professional should do at least the fundamentals of this course to increase knowledge, self awareness and priorities towards those under our care." - Andrea
"I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed this course Katie. Thank you so much. The way you explain everything makes it very easy to understand, and I loved all the modules, and learned a lot. I can't wait for your next course." - Louise
"Thank you so much for this course, I have learnt so so much and feel empowered and energised to support women with breast feeding. Keep it coming." - Fiona
"This has been amazing, thanks Katie. Wish I'd taken the lifetime option so I could dip back in from time to time! x " - Julia
"I really am so grateful for the work you and Rachel do – having listened to every podcast (some numerous times!) it is invaluable to find people whose work I admire and trust to inform my practice. I am in Rachel’s collective and it honestly has informed the foundations of my pregnancy/birth support, practice and confidence more than any other space I’ve learnt in (which says something about university and hospital-based learning!). I can already see that your course will be the equivalent of that for breastfeeding and lactation, so thank you! I feel like I have two mentors I can have an apprenticeship with to become the midwife I want to be from afar thanks to the internet!"
 - Bridget

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