Your questions answered #3 – Inverted nipples, declining interventions, and more

Season #3 Episode #10

In this episode, we answer your questions! We take a dive into, inverted nipples and what you can do during pregnancy and with breastfeeding. Answer whether vaginal examinations are necessary during pregnancy, why milk teeth are called milk teeth, look into informed non-consent in the hospital setting, and discuss declining interventions during labour & birth. We delve into the ethics and copyright of how to share information. Whether you can or should breastfeed whilst pregnant, how placental function is checked on an ultrasound scan, and more on placenta previa. As well as also squeezing in why some women experience lower libido and vaginal dryness whilst breastfeeding and the KICO - knees in, calves out birthing position.

Phew! That was a lot and we hope you enjoy it.

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