An interview with Pippa Grace

Season #3 Episode #9

In this episode in the cauldron, we have Pippa Grace, the author of Mother in the mother. 

Pippa is a socially engaged artist, writer, and sculptor. Her work brings together over 26 years of training and working in the worlds of holistic health, bodywork, dance, creative writing, film, and sculpture. 

 Pippa facilitates the sharing of stories and the creation of ‘visual narratives’ at beautifully held workshops. Pippa is particularly interested in helping to give voice to the quiet, everyday stories that may otherwise be overlooked or forgotten. Where voices have been silenced, her practice helps them find a creative way to speak out. A passionate feminist for as long as she can remember, Pippa specialises in working with women, exploring issues including motherhood, grand-motherhood, menarche, the female body, and trauma.
All of her work is grounded by an ongoing fascination with, and research into, the healing qualities of literature, myth, fairytale, storytelling, dream, and archetype.

In this episode, we explore the themes of maternal lineage and women's experiences when they themselves became a mother. We touch on what are some of the challenges or joys women often encounter in their own relationships when they themselves become a mother, how becoming a mother in itself, can be healing for some women, and we look at how Pippa explored the role of being both a mother and a daughter in the same body.

I know you will enjoy this fascinating discussion which really looks deeper into themes of transitioning into motherhood and what it means for our relationships, both past, present, and the future. 

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Pippa Grace

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