Placentas and cord blood

Season #3 Episode #5

In this episode, Rachel and I discuss all things placentas! 

We look more deeply at the time it takes to transfer blood from the placenta into the baby after birth and what the reason for this is. Rachel makes a stand for the “forgotten placenta” as well as bringing in some blokes named Erasmus from 1796 and Pierre from 1875 to make our jaws drop when she reveals what they were saying about letting the blood from the placenta flow to the baby all that time ago! 

And of course, we look further at expectant and active management of the placenta and how this looks in our current day hospital systems, Lotus birth, and the history of ceremonially cutting of the cord. We also dive fully into “confessions of a vampire”, as Rachel puts it!: Cord blood banking and all it entails, according to the current research. 


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