An interview with Dr Sara Wickham No 2

Season #3 Episode #3

In this episode we have got Dr Sara Wickham back! Sara’s newest book titled In Your Own Time: How western medicine controls the start of labour and why this needs to stop, is a masterclass in what the evidence really says about induction of labour and a fascinating insight into how birth has come to be controlled by Western medicine. 

Staggeringly, over a third of all pregnant women have their labour medically induced, and this is accompanied by a tsunami of avoidable medical interventions. Worldwide, this trend is growing at an alarming rate. This is despite both a lack of evidence demonstrating its benefits and a wealth of evidence indicating the significant short- and long-term negative impacts of induction on the health and wellbeing of mothers and their babies.

Sara discusses with us how her timely book, in light of the newly released NICE Inducing labour guidelines, demystifies the evidence and highlights the significant discrepancies between guidelines and what we really know about the benefits of supporting women to birth spontaneously.

Sara is a midwife, speaker, bestselling author and researcher who works independently. Sara’s career has been varied and includes more than twenty years of experience as a midwife, lecturer and researcher. She is the author/editor of seventeen books and is the Director of the Birth Information Project. She divides her working time between speaking, writing, facilitating online courses, creating resources and undertaking a wide variety of consultancy projects and advisory activities.

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