Low milk supply

Season #3 Episode #2

In this episode we go on an hour-long whistle-stop tour all about low  milk supply. We touch on topics such as: 

  • How many women experience low milk supply
  • Breast refusal
  • Re-building milk supply
  • Donor milk
  • Nipple teat confusion
  • Breast reduction surgery
  • The top up trap
  • Medications that could affect milk supply
  • Witching hours and COLIC 

Phew! It's jam packed.  We even have some great 80s or is it 90s movie references and some Ah-mazing accents from two of our comedy idols - Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. You can't miss this, and nor can your friends so go on, shout out the window now and tell 'em to put the kettle on as you're popping round with the podcast they need to hear!

Rachel Reed: https://www.rachelreed.website/
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Instagram: @themidwivescauldron
Resources for low milk supply:

  • https://www.thewomens.org.au/health-information/breastfeeding/breastfeeding-problems/low-milk-supply
  • https://professoramybrown.co.uk/
  • https://professoramybrown.co.uk/research
  • https://kellymom.com/ages/newborn/bf-basics/importance-responsive-feeding/
  • https://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/ 
  • https://dianawest.com/books/


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