An interview with Bashi Kumar-Hazard

Season #2 Episode #13

In this episode, we talk with Bashi Kumar-Hazard.  Bashi is an Australian-based lawyer who works to promote the human rights of women and infants in the provision of maternity healthcare.  She has represented families and healthcare providers defending their human rights in coronial inquests, court proceedings, and civil disputes. Her background experience is in the field of competition and consumer law. She is currently completing a PhD in anti-competitive practices in maternity healthcare at the University of Sydney Law School. Bashi has been a director of Human Rights in Childbirth since 2014. In that role, she has collaborated with consumer groups in a number of countries, the World Health Organisation, and the International Confederation of Midwives to advocate for and defend women's rights in pregnancy and childbirth.

We discuss what is the law and what rights do women have over their bodily autonomy, the 2020 CEDAW case confirming that obstetric violence is a form of gender-based violence built on discriminatory stereotypes and perceptions about women, the special Rapporteur's report on abuse and disrespect in childbirth, and gender-based violence. We also discuss accountability for maternity care and how it can affect systemic change.

Human Rights In Childbirth (HRiC) - Bashi Kumar Hazard

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