Pushing and cervixes

Season #2 Episode #3

 In this episode, Rachel and Katie take a look at the evidence surrounding the pushing phase of labour. Rachel discusses the reasoning behind why we need to stop talking about labour in stages and we delve into the cervical lip and how best to deal with it. And of course along the way we have some fun.  Join us in this episode of The Midwives Cauldron to learn while you laugh.

Research mentioned:

  • Dahlen et al. (2013) Vaginal examinations during normal labor: routine examination or routine intervention: https://connect.springerpub.com/content/sgrijc/3/3/142?implicit-login=true

Midwife thinking blog posts: 

  • The anterior cervical lip: how to ruin a perfectly good birth: https://midwifethinking.com/2016/06/15/the-anterior-cervical-lip-how-to-ruin-a-perfectly-good-birth/
  • Pushing: leave it to the experts: https://midwifethinking.com/tag/cervical-lip/ 

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