The herstory of modern birth practices

Season #1 Episode #3

In this episode, we take a step back in time and a short but deep dive into history from a female perspective. We explore how ideas about women and their bodies have led to the birthing practices we see today. We visit the world of Goddesses, vulva art, and how women were once revered for their ability to create life. Then we move on through the times into a world where women were seen as dirty malfunctioning versions of men, whose primary role was to reproduce. We also talk about how science and the mechanisation of the world resulted in our bodies being viewed as machines. On this whistlestop tour of history... or should I say herstory, you will hear about the gossips (you definitely want to listen to this), the closing off of keyholes during birth, and of course some fun along the way. You also get a sneak peek into the vulva art that one of us loves to make!

Jane Hardwick Collins:
Marilyn French :
Adrian Wilson:
Layne Redmond:

Music by: Joesph McDade
Production: Katie James
Editing: Katie James and Jannis Piekarek

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