The Midwives' Cauldron

The Midwives' Cauldron

Hosted by: Katie James and Dr Rachel Reed

Join us as we hubble, bubble, toil, and trouble our way through aspects of midwifery, birth, lactation, and womanhood. We tackle and discuss a variety of topics within the sphere of womanhood, birth, and lactation and...


An interview with Professor Hannah Dahlen

Season #3 Episode #4

In this episode Professor Hannah Dahlen talks us through her incredible beginnings growing up as the daughter of a midwife and her early initiation into the birth world in Yemen. How her passion for feminism and...
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An interview with Dr Sara Wickham No 2

Season #3 Episode #3

In this episode we have got Dr Sara Wickham back! Sara’s newest book titled In Your Own Time: How western medicine controls the start of labour and why this needs to stop, is a masterclass in what the evidence really...
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Low milk supply

Season #3 Episode #2

In this episode we go on an hour-long whistle-stop tour all about low  milk supply. We touch on topics such as: How many women experience low milk supplyBreast refusalRe-building milk supplyDonor milkNipple teat...
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An interview with Dr Florence Wilcock

Season #3 Episode #1

In this episode we have with us Dr Florence Wilcock , an obstetrician who has been working in NHS maternity services for more than 25 years. Florence has a special interest in improving women’s experience of maternity...
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